Automated Supply: Powering Productivity and Protection

In today’s environment, your business has to strike a difficult balance: maintaining productivity while creating social distance. A Fastenal vending program can be part of the solution, providing PPE and other essential supplies in ways that maximize visibility and access while minimizing touches and contact.  We focus on safety at every step, from our virtual implementation process to our digital inventory monitoring system, ensuring uninterrupted supply with limited, carefully-planned visits. Rely on our service and solutions to balance your needs for productivity and protection.

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“Our approach is to listen, understand, and craft a solution that addresses your unique challenges and goals, whether that’s to simplify inventory management, digitally monitor direct materials, track assets, or control high-use MRO items. It’s not truly a ‘solution’ if it isn’t solving a problem for your business.”

–Jeff Hicks, Vice President, Fastenal Solutions