Every worker is unique and so is their hearing risk. With Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) being widespread, a mere estimate of average noise exposure levels is not enough to protect an individual worker. Honeywell offers safety managers, the tools they need to provide every worker with a truly personalized noise exposure and monitoring solution. The new VeriShield™ range of hearing protection devices offers a broad selection of styles to wear for optimum comfort.

Further, Honeywell’s new VeriShieldTM smart hearing solution provides web and mobile application data services, which can be wirelessly linked to headsets for real-time visibility of an individual worker’s actual noise exposure and protection levels. Together with Honeywell, you can attempt to conserve the hearing of your workers. Find out more at explore.honeywell.com/verishield-smart-hearing

Now You Can See Exactly What They’re Hearing

with VerishieldTM Smart Hearing Solutions

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