Fuel Growth Through Supply Chain Efficiency

Today’s environment is challenging manufacturers in every industry to do more with less. You might find yourself engaged with more and more suppliers who promise cost-savings from out-of-the-box solutions or a trending technology, only to find the results less than impactful.

At Fastenal, we understand that your business is unique. The key to operational efficiency isn’t an off-the shelf inventory management program. To achieve measurable results, you need a 360 degree approach to uncover waste, drive out expenditures, and reduce assets, ultimately improving productivity and increasing revenue.


What are the savings opportunities in your organization?

With a TCO Estimator consultation, we help you visualize the potential. If desired, this can be followed by a more in-depth TCO analysis (TCOA) to clarify the opportunity, define your TCO reduction goals, and create a plan to achieve those desired results.

Spend one hour to see how you compare to the industry standard and gauge the opportunity for TCO Savings. All customer information will be compared to Fastenal Historical Market Intelligence and projected based on trends within the data set.

Discover Your Future State

Questions to Expect

How many production employees do you have?

What is the total square footage of your site?

What is your average monthly spend for MRO and PPE?

What is the inventory value at your site?

What is your annual Cost of Capital?

How many vendors currently supply your MRO and PPE

What is your current transportation percentage?

What is your fully burdened labor rate?

Your productivity is our priority

You know your business better than anyone, which is why our process is 100% collaborative.
Our job is to listen to your supply chain stakeholders, understand their unique challenges, and keep our
assessment and solutions focused on best-in-class results YOU hope to achieve.

Discover your future state in as little as an hour. This can be done virtually if needed.

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