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Superior Glove is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of safety gloves, sleeves, and complementary PPE. Since 1910, we have been protecting workers across the globe with specialized hand and arm protection for every major industry. Our products are engineered at our headquarters in Ontario, Canada, with teams and production facilities across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

The new standard of dexterity has arrived

Experience uninhibited movement, comfort, and touch sensitivity that protects against cut hazards.

  • Cut Resistant: Meets the highest ANSI A9 cut resistance standards
  • Touchscreen Friendly: Touchscreen compatible to move between tasks
  • Food Safe: Food safe compliant for tasks in food processing

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No two leathers are the same. Every source has its own unique properties. The four most common types of leathers used in welding and other heat- and fire-related work are cowhide, elkskin, pigskin, and goatskin. Each of these has specific cuts and grades to consider. Other types of leathers to consider include deerskin, kidskin, and sheepskin. Read more.

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