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Superior Glove is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of safety gloves, sleeves, and complementary PPE. Since 1910, we have been protecting workers across the globe with specialized hand and arm protection for every major industry. Their products are engineered at our headquarters in Ontario, Canada, with teams and production facilities across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Superior Glove is committed to keeping workers safe on the job by eliminating workplace injuries through education, training, and novel design solutions to protect workers. They are a driving force in reducing workplace injuries, offering free resources and consultations with hand safety experts that help companies build a robust safety program for their workers that keep hands safe. By leveraging impact-resistant innovations, Superior Glove manufactures hand protection that is both effective and comfortable. They offer a full range of impact-resistant gloves that are flexible and won’t impede hand motion, including the world’s thinnest glove with maximum impact protection. This enables workers to perform tasks with confidence, using gloves that are comfortable enough to wear all day.

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