As a leader in the aviation industry, you understand the critical role operational efficiency plays in delivering exceptional service. Partnering with Fastenal can enhance your maintenance processes.

By using Fastenal inventory management solutions, you are ensuring seamless operations, reduced downtime, and optimized performance.

Upgrade to a first-class supply chain.

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Solution Fees Don’t Fly With Us

There are no additional fees for Southwest for our vendor managed inventory presence. Confidently, leverage our LOCAL presence to reduce on-hand inventory and avoid stock-outs.


Manual bin stock service enhanced by mobility technology. Visualize what you have and where it is.


Technologically-enhanced bin solutions that provide 24/7 inventory monitoring.

Control & Track.

Solutions to control and track high-volume consumables as well as assets. Provides 24/7 access, flexible controls, and deep visibility into usage.

We can handle inventory management at all your tech op sites, including the storage and organization, so you can focus on other priorities.

Takeoff is just the begining…

When seconds count, you need a safety supplier that takes safety as seriously as you. Our safety specialist program was created to address the core safety challenges you face – before they become problems or citations. We offer trainings and assessments to help you stay compliant, including AED and First Aid training for your staff.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AEDs

You can make a difference and Fastenal can help make sure that your team is trained and ready when the situation calls for it.


AED G5 Product Guide

Safety Programs

We can provide consultative services to inspect your current assets and assist in training your team.

Safety Consult


Fastenal is positioned as a great partner for Southwest’s Tech Op Teams. From our many vendor managed inventory platforms to our robust Punchout that can support many categories for your different business units. Reach out to me to learn more.

Gerry Norris

Business Sales Specialist, Fastenal

Fastenal 💙 Southwest

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