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A Systematic Approach to Safety

Your workplace is unique. So shouldn’t your safety program be unique, too? Our Safety Specialists work closely with you to create a custom program tailored to your specific needs. We bring solutions and excellent technical support to help you choose the right PPE and ensure you stay compliant. Our focus is on:

EHS and Vending

Our vending technology is the most efficient way to stay compliant while also reducing waste. 24/7/365 access to PPE.

Increase Traceability

100% visibility of consumable spend results in reduced consumption and improved employee accountability.

Reduce Stockouts

Autmoated tracking and replenishment systems mean product is always available to the workerswho need it.

Inventory Control

Controls, limits, and access restrictions provide immediate sustained consumption reduction of 25-30%.

Improved Compliance

Employee access tracking ensures you’ll always know to who and when safety items are dispensed – improving overall compliance.

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