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Your Safety Support System

OSHA 1910.132 states employers are required to select appropriate PPE based on the hazards present or likely to be present in the workplace; to prohibit the use of defective or damaged PPE; and to require that employees be trained so that each affected employee can properly use the assigned PPE. OSHA has instructed its officers of the following: The CHSO shall cite 29 CFR 1919.132(a) when the employer fails to provide, ensure use, and maintain protective clothing, in a sanitary and reliable condition whenever it is necessary by reason of hazards capable of causing injury in any part of the body. 

So how does vending help?

Fastenal’s vending technology is the most efficient way to stay compliant while also reducing waste. 24/7/365 access to PPE.

In the past it was a ‘zero-sum game’ between accessibility and control – more of one means less of the other. Fastenal’s vending solutions upend that paradigm by making required PPE both immediately available, fully secure, and traceable to the point-of-use.

The results: better productivity, less waste, and wide-ranging business improvements.

Gloves, glasses, and other PPE are easily accessible and traceable by employee ID. No more worries about your team having the right PPE for the job they have to do.

Safety Concerns

A good indicator of possible safety concerns that could become recordable incidents if not addressed.


Reporting that allows safety leaders to identify and address workers and environments of concern before they become recordable incidents.


Administering controls limiting who can access safety supplies.

Readily Available

Documentation that PPE is readily available to all workers at all times and that a specific array of PPE is provided to each worker based on job function.

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Tom Donaldson

Operations Manager, University Mechanical Construction

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