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Protective Industrial Products (PIP®) is a leading global leader in PPE manufacturing, specializing in worker safety with a diversified product line of 10,000+ products including head-to-toe protection for the Industrial, Construction, Controlled Environment, Electrical, Food and Welding Safety markets. PIP®, along with its recognized leading brands G-Tek® – Bouton® – Ironcat® – Assurance® – Kut-Gard® – CleanTeam® – QRP® – Ambi-Dex® – Dynamic® – NOVAX® – Caiman® – Bisley® and Boss®, are relied upon for personal protection by workers every day.

Work Just Got Easier

PIP® recognizes the significance of waste reduction for cost savings and environmental benefits. The ECOSeries™ BioSoft™ earplugs, crafted using bio-based technologies, offer comparable fit and performance to traditional earplugs made from polyurethane and PVC, while also featuring a reduced carbon footprint. The use of bio-based materials in these earplugs aims to lower emissions during production and enhance environmental friendliness at the product’s end of life.

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