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How Safran Keeps Its Supply Chain Soaring

In the aerospace industry, markets move just as fast as the planes, which means supply chain demands can easily stack up – sometimes unexpectedly. Inventory management can become a real airliner-sized task. Partnering with Fastenal proved to be a great solution in a fast-paced industry requiring high volumes of daily supplies.

What’s very important for our customers is on-time delivery, and from that aspect, Fastenal is playing a role, because if we don’t have the supplies at the right time, then we cannot support our main mission, which is to deliver to our customers on time.

Phillippe Garnier

CEO, Safran Landing Systems

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of Spend is on Metalworking Tools


A world-class industrial manufacturer needs a world-class supply chain. Leverage our LOCAL presence to confidently reduce on-hand inventory and cash outlay. We can manage your inventory at all your sites – so you don’t have to.

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Reduce redundant spend, steps, and processes. A free TCO Analysis will uncover waste,  reduce assets, and drive out expenditures,

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Automated supply devices bring enhanced access, visibility, and control to wide-ranging product needs.

Put Purchasing Into Perspective

A dynamic view of your activity, inventory, and overall business with Fastenal offering you unmatched visibility from an all-in-one dashboard.

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