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At Fastenal, we’re committed to providing you with faster fulfillment, flexible inventory management, and customized service to meet your supply needs. 

Strategic supply means supplying not only products, but also expertise and innovation. It means investing in your success with technology, local resources, and a spectrum of services and solutions. And it means moving beyond a transactional mindset to pursue common goals, continuous improvement, and shared success. Leverage our local engagement to drive visibility, efficiency, and results.


The Fastenal Advantage

We offer a ‘toolbox’ of programs and technology to help you reduce inventory, touches, and total cost of ownership. Tell us your supply challenges – we’ll tailor a solution that helps you maximize labor dollars and cost savings. Click on each icon to learn more. 


In-market inventory to support your daily operation. To learn more or to order a vending machine, email fplutility@fastenal.com.

Vending Software & Training Resources

Marketplace / E-Business

Leverage our local presence and strategic service to provide faster fulfillment, greater visibility, and deeper value.


Experts to bring best practices and new ideas to your facility. To learn more or for technical support, email safetyquestions@fastenal.com

Product Offering

Looking for a certain brand you trust? Want a simple way to find everything you need? Fastenal is your source from 7,300+ certified suppliers. Tap into our broad offering to consolidate and simplify MRO-Indirect purchasing across multiple categories.

View all of our product categories here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I need new or updated VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) bins, how do I get them? 
Your local rep will be able to provide options for new bins. One option would be to sign our FMI (Fastenal Managed Inventory) agreement, which would provide you with new Fastenal bins free of charge as long as your site can meet the minimum spend increase. You can also buy the bins outright to avoid the minimum spend increase. 

What fees come with the vending program? 
There are no fees associated with our vending program. Fastenal has waived the software fee that is typically applied to vending machines. The machine will require an internet connection. If internet is not available, we can provide an air card at a fee of $10/month for each air card needed. 



Additional Questions? Email fplutility@fastenal.com