MCR Safety has Fifty years of experience as a leader in the field of personal protective equipment. An assortment of offerings includes gloves, glasses, and garments that are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style. MCR Safety distinguishes itself as a manufacturer of core product groups. The knowledge as a manufacturer helps to evaluate other sources of supply to assure reliable quality and competitiveness.

Work Just Got Easier

The MCR Safety Cut Pro® gloves are high-performance and designed to provide superior cut resistance and protection. With their ANSI A7 rating, these gloves offer excellent defense against sharp objects and abrasions. They combine comfort, dexterity, and durability, making them ideal for tasks that demand precision and safety.

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The MCR Safety Sasquatch Glove Series! Wildly Tough, Abrasion Level 6, Sasquatch Approved

Crafted from genuine Sasquatch leather, these gloves are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Achieving the highest ANSI abrasion score, Sasquatch gloves provide extended wear and unmatched durability. Watch here.

Max Cut Resistance with HyperMax® Cut A9

The MCR Safety CutPro® 9273SPU series features a 13-gauge HyperMax® shell and a black sandy polyurethane (PU) coating over the palm and fingertips. This glove provides outstanding cut protection, and its black sandy PU palm hides dirt and grime while providing abrasion resistance and gripping power. Watch here.

It’s not a myth!  Sasquatch® Gloves are the Toughest around!

MCR Safety’s Sasquatch® series leather work gloves are premium quality, rugged, and will work as hard as you do! Sewn with a rugged, heat-resistant aramid thread, these top-of-the-line work gloves are made to last. Watch here.

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