LyondellBasell helps create solutions for everyday sustainable living. Fastenal creates solutions for everyday sustainable supply chains.

We offer programs that allow you to focus more on your core competencies and less on managing indirect materials. Harness the ‘horsepower’ of Fastenal’s supply chain expertise, resources, and solutions to impact your bottom line.

Unlock your supply chain’s hidden savings. Find out how much you can save by partnering with Fastenal.

One turnaround. $440K in cost savings

The challenge: A West Coast refinery in need of just-in-time cut-to-length studs for turnarounds. Their answer? Fastenal. We paired our local service with the ability to stock inventory close to the work. Doing this removes common roadblocks, provides extra time on task, and most importantly, led to sizeable cost savings.

Studs Cut On-site

Minutes for average delivery time

Total cost savings


… to confidently reduce on-hand inventory and cash outlay. With decades of supply chain management experience, we offer total flexibility and customization, so your program is tailored to meet YOUR needs. 

No other supplier invests so aggressively in infrastructure and customer solutions.

Lean Supply Transformation

Through our free TCO Analysis we will work with you to uncover wastes in your supply chain.

Products on Demand (FASTPod)

Keep your remote sites secure and supplied until the project is complete.

Expert Consultants

Our teams of subject matter experts are ready to bring best practices and new ideas to your business.

EHS & Vending

Our vending technology is the most efficient way to stay compliant while also reducing waste. 24/7/365 access to PPE.

Increase Traceability

Reduce consumption and improve employee accountability.

Reduce Stockouts

Automated tracking and replinshment means product is always available when you need it.

Improve Compliance

Employee access tracking ensures you always know to who and when safety items are dispensed.


Our solutions provide you with unmatched visibility to inventory and purchasing habits from an all-in-one dashboard. We provide access to information critically important in managing your supply chain.


Transparent access to vital information in one easy-to-use screen.  Click into each facility and location, all the way down to the individual inventory managed location.


Other companies will tell you what they have in stock, Fastenal allows you to instantly see what you have in your own facility.

A Great Solution Begins with a Good Conversation

Ryan Upshaw

Ryan Upshaw

Sr. National Accounts Sales

Hello Lyondellbasell! With 15+ years of experience in indirect supply chains, my role is to drive innovation within the supply chains of the largest downstream companies in the world. I analyze your current supply chain, highlight gaps, and create a custom solution that uses technology to tackle your key performance indicators and drive capital expense out. Having spent a significant amount of time in petrochemical plants and refineries, I understand what the industry has to gain from a fully transparent indirect materials supply chain. I can’t stress enough the importance of having what you need when you need it. Creating this trust is Fastenal’s main objective to guiding companies to create the change the industry needs. 

Let’s talk about LyondellBasell’s strategic goals for their supply chain and work together to come up with solutions that will drive results.