JM Eagle’s aim is deliver water for good, doing your part to make the world a better place.  You need a supply chain that can help you drive continous improvement, maintain your high quality standards, and make a positive contibution to the world we live in.

Fastenal offers sustainable supply chain solutions that allow you to focus more on your core competencies and less on managing indirect materials. Harness the ‘horsepower’ of Fastenal’s supply chain expertise, resources, and solutions to impact your bottom line and free up resources to continue improving the world.

Giving Efficiency A Lift

The challenge: Reduce time and cost spent on inventory. With more than 224 hours a month going into managing and distributing high-use consumables such as PPE, Moffett knew that it needed a more efficient way. And that’s when Fastenal entered the picture.


Reduced Costs

Hours Saved Per Month

Inventory Availability


Fastenal’s sustainability solutions aim to provide you with services, products, and resources that create a positive impact on your ESG goals and objectives.

Serving as a trusted partner, we work with you to develop and implement strategic initiatives, drive innovation in environmental practices, and work cross-functionally to achieve long-term sustainability improvements.

Create Awareness & Communication

Discuss where sustainability initiatives fit into the business and operations models.

Innovative Collaboration

Work collaboratively with our service providers to develop and implement strategic iniatives

Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Build a life-cycle assessment, identifying short-term and long-term activites linked to sustainable development.


… to confidently reduce on-hand inventory and cash outlay. With decades of supply chain management experience, we offer total flexibility and customization, so your program is tailored to meet YOUR needs. 

No other supplier invests so aggressively in infrastructure and customer solutions.

Lean Supply Transformation

Through our free TCO Analysis we will work with you to uncover wastes in your supply chain.

Expert Consultants

Our teams of subject matter experts are ready to bring best practices and new ideas to your business.

A Great Solution Begins with a Good Conversation

Nicholas Mohr

Nicholas Mohr

Sr. National Account Sales Specialist

Let’s talk about JM Eagle’s strategic goals for their supply chain and work together to come up with solutions that will drive results.