For over a century, Honeywell has continually pushed limits when it comes to innovations. With solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of modern work, Honeywell has your best interest in mind.


Honeywell has been reaching new heights in fall protection, and provides customers with the right resources and equipment to stay safe.

Welding Safety

Safety products specific to welding protect equipment and operators from hazards like fumes, heat, sparks, and UV light.


Automotive PPE Solutions

Nearly 873,000 workers in the U.S. need to be protected from the hazards of the automotive manufacturing industry, and Honeywell has you covered.

Oil & Gas PPE Solutions

The Oil and Gas worker fatality rate is 7x higher than all other industries. Luckily, Honeywell PPE can help save lives.

Construction PPE Solutions

Worksite dangers are everywhere, so take steps to prevent them and protect your employees.

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