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HexArmor®, a renowned industry leader, pioneers cutting-edge PPE solutions. Their unwavering belief is that safety is not a privilege but an essential requirement. From the outset, HexArmor® collaborates closely with its clientele, ensuring the delivery of innovative and impactful PPE solutions that prioritize worker safety. 

Work Just Got Easier

Experience the difference with HexArmor’s safety glasses. Their cutting-edge TruShield coating prevents fogging and scratches on the lens while the frame’s premium materials offer exceptional comfort and long-lasting durability. Plus, get shades like Grey 12% and the advanced Variomatic technology for that just-right tint.

Additional Resources

How does SuperFabric protect employees?

SuperFabric. It might sound like something Batman creates, but it’s actually for us regular folks. We talked with Katie Heydenberk, the Director of Channel Sales at HexArmor, to find out what puts the super in this fabric. View the article here.

How HexArmor Helps Prevent Injuries

In this video you will learn the secrets to why SuperFaberic excels. But, to give you a little preview, below are where they exceed.

  • SuperFabric protects against the dangerous hazards.
  • It prevents life-changing injuries.
  • Plus, the guard plates don’t sacrifice dexterity. Watch here.

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