When Prevention is Profitable

Downtime can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars for every hour heavy machinery is out of action. With LOCTITE® maintenance and repair services, you can identify common pain points in advance, plan repairs around your schedule and avoid costly, unplanned downtime.

LOCTITE® maintenance and repair services equip your team with the right tools and skills to identify and resolve problems efficiently to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Work Just Got Easier

LOCTITE®’s full line of Nordbak® high-performance wear protection coatings are designed for the needs of the most demanding industries. They form a protective barrier that prevents wear, extends the life, and gets machines back up and running fast. All powered by the expertise that makes LOCTITE® a market leader and trusted choice. Shop here!

Additional Resources

Applications to reduce downtime

Maintenance engineers strive to enhance the reliability, function, and efficiency of plant equipment while boosting quality and productivity. However, equipment failures are inevitable and can disrupt production, order fulfillment, and workplace safety. Read here. 

How to reduce unplanned downtime

Unplanned downtime caused by issues like jammed lines, generator failures, or machinery breakdowns can significantly impact your operation. In this article, we’ll delve into effective strategies for reducing unplanned downtime and mitigating its effects. Read here

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