Want operational efficiency within Generac?

Bad news first: It won’t come via an off-the-shelf inventory management program.

Good news next: You can achieve measurable results tied to your specific goals with a little help. Together, we’ll use a 360-degree approach to uncover waste, reduce assets, and drive out expenses. If that sounds good, let’s get started on improving productivity and increasing revenue.

Giving Efficiency A Lift

The challenge: Reduce time and cost spent on inventory. With more than 224 hours a month going into managing and distributing high-use consumables such as PPE, Moffett knew that it needed a more efficient way. And that’s when Fastenal entered the picture.


Reduced Costs

Hours Saved Per Month

Inventory Availability

Fuel growth through supply chain efficiency

The key to operational efficiency isn’t an off-the-shelf inventory management program. To acheive measurable results tied to your specific goals, you deserve a 360-degree approach to uncover waste, drive out expenditures, and reduce assets, ultimately improving productivity and increasing revenue.


We bring Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and you bring stakeholders committed to continual improvement


Typically 1 -2 days. In addition to some pre-planning data collaction and 20 – 40 minutes with selected department leaders.

Expert Fastener Application Engineering Support

Our team of degreed engineers and lab technicians can provide the information and expertise you need to make the best possible fastener selection and design decisions.

Our 50+ degreed engineers can help you with the following:

Technical Support

Our knowledge of industry standards, fastener technology, and fastening materials ensures an accurate response to any fastener related question.

Application-Specific Testing

Torque-tension testing, customer-designed testing, tensile strength, and other fastener related tests can be performed.

Cost Savings Analysis

Let us analyze your product and observe the assembly process to uncover cost savings (average of 30%) opportunities and optimize your fastener consumption.

Engineering & Quality Support

Check out our full support system for fasteners.


Our solutions provide you with unmatched visibility to inventory and purchasing habits from an all-in-one dashboard. We provide access to information critically important in managing your supply chain.


Transparent access to vital information in one easy-to-use screen.  Click into each facility and location, all the way down to the individual inventory managed location.


Other companies will tell you what they have in stock, Fastenal allows you to instantly see what you have in your own facility.

A Great Solution Begins with a Good Conversation

Jared Mathys

Jared Mathys

Sr. National Account Sales Specialist

I act as a consultant for Generac and focus on driving out inefficiencies in your supply chain all while looking to leverage your global spend and produce meaningful TCO savings. 

Let’s talk about Generac’s goals for their business and work together to power a smarter supply chain.