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Inventory managed by Fastenal

Your team excels at what you do, and so does ours; and what we do best is inventory management, an area in which we are at the forefront and dominate in our industry. Technology is key when it comes to inventory management solutions, but what sets Fastenal apart from others is something much more fundamental: our ability to store products within minutes of your facility, making regular visits to control the turnover and do what we do best to enable you to do the same.

The right balance

The FMI technology portfolio focuses on the following concepts: These basic elements can be combined and customized to provide a unique solution for your business.


Manual bin storage service enhanced by mobility technology. Visualize what you have and where it is.


Technology-backed bin solutions that provide 24/7 tracking. Visualize what you have, its location and the current status of your inventory.

Control and monitoring

Solutions that allow you to control and track large quantities of consumables as well as  assets. 24/7 access, flexible controls and detailed insight into usage: who, what, when, where and why.

The technology, RFID and IR bins, has exceeded our expectations. This is perhaps the biggest change for us. The data we receive, minimums and maximums, quantities, stock renewals, all this helps us know what is happening during the process. And Fastenal already knows this, because they have our data. 

Mike Carroll

Chief Operating Officer, Gorman-Rupp

Case Study Example


“What we found was that we created an addition to our staff. Fastenal employees work with our team, they communicate with them. They are very attentive and helpful.”

– Tom Donaldson, UMC Supply Chain Manager

Every good solution starts with a good conversation

Tell us your inventory challenges and let us introduce you to ideas that will make a difference. Remember that the machine itself is not the solution; it’s what’s behind it that counts: local stock, daily service and a commitment to continuous improvement. Fill out this form to start the conversation today.