Keep Your Supply Chain Soaring

As a leader in the aviation industry, you understand the critical role operational efficiency plays in delivering exceptional service. Partnering with Fastenal can enhance your maintenance processes.

Fastenal’s inventory management solutions can ensure seamless operations, reduced downtime, and optimized performance.

Giving Efficiency A Lift

The challenge: Reduce time and cost spent on inventory. With more than 224 hours a month going into managing and distributing high-use consumables such as PPE, Moffett knew that it needed a more efficient way. And that’s when Fastenal entered the picture.


Reduced Costs

Hours Saved Per Month

Inventory Availability


Leverage our LOCAL presence to confidently reduce on-hand inventory and automate and digitize your supply chain.

Less Inventory. Fewer Touches.

Automated supply devices bring enhanced access, visibility, and control to wide-ranging product needs.

Put Purchasing Into Perspective.

A dynamic view of your activity, inventory, and overall business with Fastenal offering you unmatched visibility from an all-in-one dashboard.

Facing EHS Challenges.

Build, execute, and enhance your safety program and acheive your vision for safety within Delta.


Chad Schaefer

Chad Schaefer

Strategic Account Executive

I will leverage my 30+ years of experience in multiple verticals including transportation to provide innovative and strategic solutions for Delta. I have a proven track record of  driving efficient cost savings programs and building long-term productive relationships with global strategic partners. I am passionate about delivering superior service and value to my customers.

Let’s talk about Delta’s strategic goals for their supply chain and work together to come up with solutions that willd rive results.