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At WALTER, we believe that everyone has the potential to build, fabricate, construct, finish and erect great projects. With safe tools, productive consumables and the right recommendations, workers are enabled to do better work. We provide the means to achieve greatness through three pillars: productivity, safety and customer experience.

WALTER offers a complete assortment of abrasive solutions to improve productivity in end user metal removal or finishing applications. Built with exclusive technologies to improve product life and performance WALTER abrasives will advance productivity, reduce downtime, and decrease overall cost.

All WALTER abrasive solutions are built to exceed the industry’s highest international safety standards. Every abrasive is clearly labeled with all relevant safety information including maximum speed, safety restrictions, required PPE and more. Being productive on the job is important, but going home safe and unharmed at the end of the day is most important.

Along with productivity and safety, WALTER strives to provide an elite customer experience. WALTER abrasive solutions are developed to deliver the most consistent and comfortable performance for excellent predictability and less fatigue resulting in the best user experience.

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