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When you choose Body Guard, you’re choosing safety gear that’s engineered for survival in the world’s toughest workplaces – from oil rigs and refineries, to construction sites and manufacturing plants. So no matter what role you play in keeping the wheels of industry turning, we’re ready to provide the highest level of protection and value, helping you and your company survive and thrive.

Built by some of our most trusted global and domestic suppliers, Fastenal’s Exclusive Brands are built to international standards and feature cutting-edge technology, yet they’re generally available at a significant cost savings vs. comparable professional-quality products—same quality, same innovation, lower price.

The Fastenal Exclusive Brands program has rapidly evolved since its inception in the early 2000’s, now represented by more than 35,000 SKUs, spanning 1,000+ product categories among the 17 brands and 9 sub-brands. Fastenal’s Exclusive Brands are sold and serviced by our 2,700 store locations and impressive sales force of 10,000+.

Body Guard® safety gear is engineered with you, the end user, in mind. Working with the best manufacturers in the world, Body Guard’s designers ensure that quality is never sacrificed in pursuit of pricing, relying on direct manufacturer partnerships and supply chain efficiencies to deliver a powerful value proposition: cost savings without compromise.

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