Ardagh’s aim is to be a global leader in packaging, driving innovation, sustainability, and excellence. You need a supply chain that can help you get there.

Fastenal offers supply chain solutions that allows you to focus more on your core competencies and less on managing indirect materials. Harness the ‘horsepower’ of Fastenal’s supply chain expertise, resources, and solutions to impact your bottom line.

It’s time to have a supply chain that supports your goals.

Leading Innovation

The vending process has allowed us to narrow down the number of like items being used. This has prevented us from overspending on multiple brands of the same thing. We can have a uniform structure for PPE across the entire site. It’s a must for a manufacturing facility. It allows the site to stay focused on site safety programs and production.

Production Manager, Life Science Industry

When a large food and bev manufacturer went looking for a strategic supplier that would not only save them money, but drive efficiencies, they found Fastenal.

Estimated Annual Dispenses

Total Estimated Annual Labor Cost Avoidance

Dispense value was calculated at $2 per dispense. This logic assumes the alternative scenario to vending is disbursement from a tool crib; labor cost avoidance estimates an average time investment of 4 minutes per transaction by the tool crib attendee. Savings may be greater if walk/wait times are shorter to vending at POU than a crib location.


…backed with global support, to confidently reduce on-hand inventory and cash outlay. With decades of supply chain management experience, we offer total flexibility and customization, so your program is tailored to meet YOUR needs…no matter where your facility is located.

No other supplier invests so aggressively in infrastructure and customer solutions.

Lean Supply Transformation

Through our free TCO Analysis we will work with you to uncover wastes in your supply chain.

Expert Consultants

Our teams of subject matter experts are ready to bring best practices and new ideas to your business.

EHS & Vending

Our vending technology is the most efficient way to stay compliant while also reducing waste. 24/7/365 access to PPE.

Increase Traceability

Reduce consumption and improve employee accountability.

Reduce Stockouts

Automated tracking and replinshment means product is always available when you need it.

Improve Compliance

Employee access tracking ensures you always know to who and when safety items are dispensed.


Our solutions provide you with unmatched visibility to inventory and purchasing habits from an all-in-one dashboard. We provide access to information critically important in managing your supply chain.


Transparent access to vital information in one easy-to-use screen.  Click into each facility and location, all the way down to the individual inventory managed location.


Other companies will tell you what they have in stock, Fastenal allows you to instantly see what you have in your own facility.

A Great Solution Begins with a Good Conversation

Brad Richardson

Brad Richardson

Sr. National Account Sales Specialist

My role has me partnering with multinational organizations to evolve their supply chains. We use industry-leading technology to offer digitization, automation, and unparalleled levels of real-time data.

I feel that Fastenal has a responsbility to continously uncover and execute on lowering expenses and increasing efficiency year after year. We provide ongoing categorical spend analysis, customized KPI and cost savings documentation, along with real-time inventory levels at point of use locations across the enterprise. Proposed or potential savings are only achieved through proper execution with a capable partner.

Let’s talk about Ardagh’s goals for their business and work together to come up with solutions that will transform your supply chain.