As American Airlines explores opportunities to reduce costs and operate more efficiently, we invite you to consider a powerful resource that’s (literally) right around the corner. 

By this we mean the 3,200+ Fastenal branches and 20,000 personnel located, on average, within 12 miles of your primary hubs nationwide – an efficient, engaged supply chain, everywhere you operate. This local infrastructure puts us in a unique position to bring value to your organization, allowing us to meet your daily supply needs in ways that drive your high-level goals. Leverage our local service and world-class solutions to unlock working capital, free up labor, drive down your total cost of ownership, and ultimately focus more resources on what YOU do best.

To learn more or to set up a meeting, please contact: 

Matt Hagen | Phone: (608) 732-2050 | Email: 

Through a strategic supply program, American Airlines will be serviced by dedicated ‘Blue Teams’ across the U.S., each supported by our robust sourcing, quality, and distribution systems. You’ll also have access to everything we offer as a leader in strategic supply – from our subject matter experts to our suite of automated supply technology. This includes the following resources.

What are the opportunities for TCO improvement in your current supply process? Our Villanova-trained Lean Six Sigma specialists will provide definitive answers. Take advantage of this expert resource to discover opportunities to reduce redundant spend, steps, touches, and processes.

Our investment in the partnership includes automated supply devices that bring enhanced access, visibility, and control to wide-ranging product needs. Provides 24/7 access to critical products while automatically tracking each dispensed item to a person, place, time, cost center, and allocation code.

Our 70+ QSSP-certified safety specialists are ready to bring proven practices and new perspectives to your EHS program. This professional team can assist with category management (optimizing your safety spend) as well as special projects such as PPE testing and selection.

Our automated solutions and high-touch service allow us to tell your data story in unique ways. Use the FAST 360° Analytics dashboard to visualize and understand the dynamics behind your Fastenal program – from contract-level impacts to local activities, all available on demand with rich visualization tools.