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At Fastenal, we’re committed to providing you with faster fulfillment, flexible inventory management, and customized service to meet your supply needs. The key is our community-based service model. With branch locations in or near every metro area in the U.S., we’re ready to engage locally, react quickly, and execute daily to support your operation.

When you purchase product from your local Fastenal branch, you not only receive quality products and services from a world-class industrial distributor, you also support local workers and contribute to the economic vitality of your community.

Facility Solutions

We offer a ‘toolbox’ of programs and technology to help you reduce inventory, touches, and total cost of ownership. Tell us your supply challenges – we’ll tailor a solution that helps you maximize labor dollars and cost savings.


Flexible programs to ensure you always have the right amount of product on hand, including solutions that automate inventory monitoring and ordering.


A lineup of devices that make high-use products easily accessible and fully traceable – by individual user, GL code, work order, or other data YOU want to see.


We offer solutions that go beyond the typical drop-ship e-commerce model, leveraging our local presence and strategic service to provide faster fulfillment and deeper visibility.


A fully-customized Fastenal ‘branch’ dedicated to running a world-class supply chain for your operation. Offload inventory management to in-house experts.


FAST 360° Reporting Dashboard

Analyze spend dynamics and visualize your Fastenal-managed inventory by location (down to the specific vending or bin stock position).

Custom Reporting

We can tailor reporting to reflect your unique KPIs and organizational priorities, including progress towards your cost savings or social responsibility goals.

Product Offering

Looking for a certain brand you trust? Want a simple way to find everything you need? Fastenal is your source from 7,300+ certified suppliers. Tap into our broad offering to consolidate and simplify MRO purchasing across multiple categories.

View all of our product categories here.

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